Silent Piling

Silent piling uses a technique of powerful hydraulic clamps that hold the tops of several interlocked sheet piles. The piling rig then applies immense levels of down force, pushing the piles until they have reached their safe load limit. This will achieve several metres of penetration.

Silent Piling uses a hydraulic ram to push piles into the ground. This method of sheet piling is known as silent piling due to the method of installation being vibration free. This style of piling has become increasingly popular in urban areas where noise pollution is a nuisance. Ale Piling are able to complete silent piling by utilising a variety of machines sizes in an array of soil conditions. Certain ground types, especially those that are hard, cobbled or with gravel may present difficulties for silent piling methods. Ale Piling has successfully completed a number of projects utilising this technique, within sensitive urban environments, for commercial and residential basement structures.

When our hydraulic piling machine reacts with a sheet, it simultaneously reacts with the rest of the pile group, moving along and aligning itself on them ready for the next sheet to install. Once the sheet group has been completed, the pressing device retracts and is ready to repeat the cycle for the next group. This is repeated until the job is complete. What makes the Silent Piling Process so quiet is how the hydraulic press grips and forces the sheet pile into the ground using hydraulic pressing, this does not involve a hitting down force like traditional sheet piling methods but in silent piling the technique is more of a guided down force or pushing of the sheet into the environment. This creates minimum noise and disturbance.  

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Often in built-up areas where conventional sheet piling and/or King post walls are not suitable, silent, pile press or as it is sometimes known 'Giken piling' may be suitable.

Using hydraulic force to drive the sheet piles into the ground, the installation can be carried out with a minimum of noise and vibration preventing unnecessary nuisance to your neighbours.

Our designers are familiar with this method and able to tweak scheme designs to suit this. Do not hesitate to call them to discuss this.

This service is offered by Ale Piling to assist you on your more environmentally sensitive schemes and locations.

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