West Bridgford FAS, Nottinghamshire, Sheet Pile Installation

West Bridgeford FAS, Sheet Pile InstallationWest Bridgeford FAS, Sheet Pile Installation


The contract involved the installation of approximately 1 km of a flood wall along the River Trent to prevent flooding to the south side of Nottingham. The wall was built up on top of a steel sheet pile water cut off which was installed by Ale Piling.


The work had to be sequenced with the demolition of the failed existing wall, whilst maintaining the flood defence level at all times. Access in the working area was extremely tight and had to be carried out with several other contractors working on the same section, at the same time.

Due to the extremely tight access and working space on site, all of the piles were installed using two of our side grip piling rigs. The sheet piles were driven initially to a height of approximately 1.5 m above ground level, thus maintaining the flood defence level, until the contractor built the concrete flood wall on top of the sheet piles. Once the contractor was ready to build the wall, Ale Piling returned to that section and drove the piles to the finished depth. In some areas the sheet piles required driving with our excavator mounted hydraulic impact hammer. Due to the constraints of the contract regarding maintaining the flood level, Ale Piling guaranteed that in the unlikely event of prolonged equipment failure, it would be replaced within the same day.

The materials used were 5m long AU12 sheet piles, and 7.2m long PU16 sheet piles

The ground conditions were various sands and gravels to a depth of approximately 5 m. Clay in some sections. Mud stone at toe level.


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