River Parrett, Bridgwater, Somerset, Sheet Pile Installation


Install permanent sheet piles at various locations along the River Parrett in Bridgwater, Somerset for the Environment Agency.


The River Parrett flows into the Bristol Channel near Breen in Somerset. It is effectively the main drainage channel from the Somerset levels. As far inland as Oath Lock (approximately 20 miles) the river is tidal, and consequently sees tidal falls and rises of up to 10 m per day.

Along this tidal section of the river has been extensively modified and straightened over the past centuries. On high tides the river levels frequently top the embankments that are on both sides of the river which are in turn higher than the surrounding land.

Following the floods of 1999 and 2000 the environment agency carried out extensive rehabilitation works to the embankments which involved a large quantity of sheet piling.

Ale Piling carried out over 2 km of piling at various locations on the scheme. A lot of the locations involved access down very narrow country tracks and working from the top of flooding embankments.

At several locations, the chosen piling method was silent which Ale Piling provided. This involved the installation of 15 m long piles which had a bitumen clutch sealant installed.

This proved a very successful scheme and a lot of time and budget was saved using Ale Piling.


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