Mill Lane Railway Track Re-profiling, Warwickshire, Vinyl Sheet Piling

Vinyl Sheet PilingVinyl Sheet PilingVinyl Sheet Piling


Improvement and upgrading of rail track and drainage at Mill Lane, Warwickshire.


Reconstruction and upgrading of at existing rail line, associated works and drainage to allow for heavier goods use.

Ale’s work involved the installation of vinyl sheet piles to construct a trackside settlement lagoon. The piles were installed to act as a cut off wall to stop water from the lagoon entering other parts of the site. The top part of the piles (visible in photo) had an earthen bank constructed around them at a later date.

Because of the difficult access conditions on site the piles were installed using one of our side grip vibration piling rigs, which all, as standard come with wide low ground pressure tracks, idea for the extremely soft ground conditions on site. The vinyl piles were chosen for their green credentials, their resilience to chemicals that were present in the ground water and the cost effectiveness against an alternative steel section pile that would have had to be used to get the desired life span

The materials we used were 200 x 6m long SG425 Vinyl Piles. Piles were driven 4.5m

The ground conditions were made ground, soft peat over a layer of clay.

The use of vinyl piles reduced the amount of delivery vehicle movements onto the site by 75% if compared to a comparable steel pile section. The piles were trimmed and finished by one man with a reciprocating saw.


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