M4 Junction A24, Chieveley, Berkshire, Temporary Works Cofferdams


Install and extract 4.5 m long steel sheet piles to form temporary works cofferdams underneath junction 13 on the M4 in less than 5 m of headroom and within traffic management.


The Highways Agency required the bridges at junction 13 on the M4 reinforcing and strengthening, part of this scheme required the excavation around the bridge pillars, and introduction of additional reinforced concrete.

To allow the excavation to be carried out safely, in part because it was next to the live running traffic, sheet piles were pre-driven to allow the safe excavation of the cofferdams. What also made this scheme difficult was there was only 5 m of headroom underneath the bridge.

After developing the scheme with our customer we introduced several safety features to protect the structure, such as rubber impact pads and a wired remote control that acted as an emergency cut off that could be operated by the Banksman if required.

The cofferdams were installed in a hit and miss basis and we mobilised and demobilised from site to suit the client’s requirements.

The scheme went exceptionally well and was simplified by using our equipment.


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