Gunthorpe Bridge Embankment Stabilisation, Nottinghamshire, Sheet Piling

Sheet PilingSheet PilingSheet Piling


On the embankment that carries the approach road to the southern side of Gunthorpe Bridge, the embankment had suffered from severe deterioration and sheet piles had to be installed both sides to stabilise it for a length of about 220 linear metres.


Ale Piling carried out the installation of all the sheet piles on site on both sides of the road. All of the work was carried out within traffic management, within a two-week period and with all of the plant positioned and removed daily from the worksite to allow the road to be fully opened for peaktime traffic. The traffic flow was reduced to one lane daily during the working hours, and controlled by traffic lights. The working hours on site were 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

Ale Piling used one of their side grip piling rigs to off load, and install the sheet piles. This allowed Ale Piling to operate safely within the traffic managed area and optimise the time allowed whilst working within the reduced timeslot on site. The materials, which were supplied by Ale Piling, were called in to suit the requirements on site. Once the piles had been driven to refusal level with the side grip hammer, they were back driven using our excavator mounted hydraulic impact hammer. Both of these pieces of equipment were delivered and removed from site daily to suit the traffic management plan.

The materials used were Pu16 sheet piles, 9-8 metres long.

The ground conditions of the embankment comprised of soft clay. Final last 1-2 metres, virgin clay.