East End Foods, Birmingham, West Midlands, King Post Retaining Wall

King Post WallsKing Post WallsKing Post Walls


Develop, design, supply and install a King post retaining wall to the perimeter of a new build superstore on the site of the old HP Sauce factory, in Birmingham.


Ale Piling were contracted to install a King post retaining wall to the rear of a new build superstore.

Throughout the tender process we offered several retaining solutions which were all scrutinised for their feasibility and value for money. By the process of elimination the King post wall satisfied our customers requirements.

It offered our customer a solution that achieved the design criteria and life term they required, was a practically silent installation process and came in at less than their budget.

The wall was painted afterwards to give aesthetically pleasing finish.

The scheme was finished within the contract period and came in below the customer’s budget thanks to the innovative approach of Ale Piling.


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