Dorney Lake, Olympic Venue, Buckinghamshire, Supply, Install and Extract Steel Sheet Piles

Dorney Lake, Olympic VenueDorney Lake, Olympic Venue


Supply, install and extract steel sheet pile to form temporary cofferdams to allow construction of new access bridges across the existing watercourses at the Olympic rowing venue at Eton Dorney.


Eton Dorney which is an international existing rowing venue was chosen for the 2012 Olympics. To allow this to happen the access around the site had to be upgraded.

Part of the access requirements were to upgrade the existing bridges across various watercourses on the site. This required them to be demolished and rebuilt to a larger standard.

Once the existing bridge decks had been removed, we were called to site and piled around the existing bridge abutments. This allowed the bridge abutments to be demolished in a controlled fashion and without contaminating the water course.

The pile section used was quite heavy duty due to the driving requirements combined with the need to back drive the piles utilising our machine mounted percussive hammer through the sands and gravel that are prevalent in this area.

We returned to site once the new abutments had been built and extracted the piles.

We completed our work on time, allowing plenty of gold medals to be won.


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