Blossomfield Road, Solihull, West Midlands, H-beam & Panel Retaining Wall

H-beam & Panel Retaining WallH-beam & Panel Retaining WallH-beam & Panel Retaining Wall


New build construction of an underground car park for an apartment development, in an exclusive area of Solihull in the West Midlands.


Construction of a new apartment development with the area of a recently demolished house. The work onsite included excavation and construction of a concrete underground car park. The client approached us with a view to installing sheet piles to provide the ground support to the perimeter of the site. After our review of the site and environmental considerations we suggested this method of ground support, which almost eliminated any noise and vibration issues on site and in turn gave the client a significant cost saving on other methods.

Using two of our rigs, one equipped with one of our side grip hammers and other with a section fully flighted auger we drilled and installed all of the h-beams. The h-beams were delivered to site on articulated lorries which we offloaded with our side grip rig with out the need for any manual intervention. Once the h-beams were installed to the correct position and location the trench box panels were installed using an excavator on site. The excavation was carried out with the trench box panels being pushed down by the excavator in tandem with the excavated level to ensure no ground slippage between the h-beams.

The materials we used were 10-12m long 254 x 254 x 147kgm h-beams. Various trench box make up panels. All materials were salvaged after use.

The ground conditions were topsoil to top 1 m. Tough, dry clay the full depth of the augered holes.


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