Long Reach Piling and Digging

Mon, 11 Nov 2013

Ale Piling have just completed a scheme on the M62 in Cleckheaton to construct 2 cofferdams to allow construction of new concrete piers for a replacement bridge which will span the M62.

On this more challenging project the cofferdams had to be installed and excavated with our equipment working at the top of the embankment, which was 15m away and 9m down. To add to the challenge the majority of the existing original bridge piers were in the new cofferdam locations, the traffic on the M62 could not be restricted in any way and the ground conditions  turned out to be very hard mudstone the whole depth of the excavation.

Ale Piling proposed a scheme which firstly  pre-augered the pile line, then handled and pitched the piles and finally excavated the cofferdam all utilising our long reach machine. The project was delivered safely and on time.

Watch the video below!