HPH 2400-340 Hydraulic Impact Hammer Rig

HPH 2400-340 Hydraulic Impact Hammer Rig


  • Backdrive sheet piles, H-beams, small diameter tubular piles, timber piles, lite piles, trench sheets.
  • Drive, with computer-controlled accuracy, any of the above.
  • Work from floating pontoons, barges or above water with ease.


  • No rigging or de-rigging of equipment required.
  • Work in and access areas conventional piling equipment cannot.
  • Drive to ground level, no LEGS!.
  • Backdrive piles in as little as 4m of headroom.*2


  • No manual handling, slinging or manual pile pitching required.
  • No working at height.
  • Rear vision from colour camera.
  • No leader mast or crane booms to topple over.

Standard Equipment
Bio oil, Rear view camera, Extra work lights, Flashing lights, Spill kit.

Optional Equipment
Height limiter.

Base Machine Specification

  • MACHINE TYPE - 340 crawler excavator, hybrid modified to operate with side grip piling hammer.
  • ENGINE - six cylinder turbocharged 7640 cc: common rail diesel engine producing 247 hp, meeting European stage III rating.
  • HYDRAULIC SYSTEM - twin axial piston pumps, producing 265 ltpm each, operates on synthetic biodegradable BD46 hydraulic oil.

Base Machine Dimensions*2

A Overall width of upper structure 2990 mm
B Overall width of cab 1010 mm
C Overall height of cab 3125 mm
D Tail swing radius 3500 mm
E Overall height of boom 3360 mm
F Clearance under counterweight 1195 mm
G Ground clearance 510 mm
H Tumbler distance 4050 mm
I Track length 4940 mm
J Track gauge 2680 mm
K Track shoe width 800 mm
L Overall length 11280 mm
M Overall track width 3500 mm
  Overall weight of machine 36000 kg
  Ground pressure 0,50 kgf/cm2

Base Machine Working Ranges*3

A Maximum reach 11168 mm
B Maximum reach at ground level 10975 mm
C Maximum reach depth 7533 mm
D Maximum reaching height 7196 mm
E Maximum pile reaching height 10354 mm
F Maximum downwards reach 7361 mm
G Maximum pile reach 7361 mm

Hammer Attachment Specification *4

Model type HPH2400
Ram Weight 1900 kg
Width 520 mm
Headroom 4100 mm
Articulation NA
Tilt angle NA
Oil flow at 230 bar 150 Ltpm
Piling Action Hydraulic Impact
Max Pile Energy 2400 kg.m
Min Pile Energy 1000 kg.m
Blow Rate 80-120 bpm

Ale Piling’s equipment may be interchangeable and accept alternative equipment, if required.
*1 pile length and section suitability is subject to ground conditions and environmental considerations.
*2 minimum working height is subject to certain requirements, please ask for details.
*3 & *4 are excavators manufactures guidance figures, if your requirements are similar to these figures, please ask for confirmation.
Ale Piling accept no liability for the accuracy of these figures. As the company has a policy of continual improvement these figures can be changed without notice.

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